Collection: Universus

Inspired by the universe, this collection has all elements, from the sun to the moon, representing the fleeting day and night. It has birds, which represent flight and freedom, and Fish, which represent water bodies, balance, and tranquility. Wild animals symbolize courage and bravery; Elephants, strength and good fortune. Lotuses evoke growth in muddy waters, as in life we bloom beautifully out of muddy situations. The Heart reminds us of the love and comfort we have for one another, and Mother Earth, in the shape of a harmonious bell, represents the source of power and reminds us to give gratitude. Veins and Arteries, which carry life-giving oxygen, remind us of our humble beginnings, and of the role our mothers play in the cycle of life. Dhrishti (Nazar) man-made elements to ward off all negativity from our lives and our loved ones- Universus, a collection inspired by one world, one us.


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