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Unisex shirts with our signature illustration style, made using organic luxurious cotton fabrics designed keeping in mind nature and you. These prints are printed on fabrics that are chemical-free and organically sourced. Printed with biodegradable dyes.

From the enchanting landscapes of southern India, where vibrant flowers grace the earth, I draw inspiration that blooms in my heart like a garden of creativity.

The rich tapestry of colors and fragrances in this region fuels my artistic spirit, turning the beauty of the South into a masterpiece on my canvas.

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The stars in the sky don't ever change, but the way we see them is unique to each of us.

So it is with the zodiac - the timeless wisdom it offers is always there, but we must open our hearts & minds to understand it. Celestial as the zodiac may be, its wisdom endures through the ages, patiently awaiting those who unlock its secrets with open hearts and open minds, connecting us to the profound tapestry of the universe.

Ever wondered what goes through people's minds when it comes to zodiac signs?

Between the sea and the sky, art finds its infinite canvas where creativity flows like waves and imagination soars like the wind.

Between the sea, art, and the sky, we find a reflection of Earth's beauty, where imagination soars as high as the heavens, and creativity flows as deep as the ocean.

Universus: Inspired by the universe, it embodies all elements from sun to moon, birds to fish, wild animals to lotuses.

It's a reminder of courage, love, gratitude, and our humble beginnings. A collection that wards off negativity, uniting one world, one us.

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Inspired by the universe, this collection has all elements, from the sun to the moon, representing the fleeting day and night. It has birds, which represent flight and freedom, and Fish, which represent water bodies, balance, and tranquility. Wild animals symbolize courage and bravery; Elephants, strength and good fortune. Lotuses evoke growth in muddy waters, as in life we bloom beautifully out of muddy situations. The Heart reminds us of the love and comfort we have for one another, and Mother Earth, in the shape of a harmonious bell, represents the source of power and reminds us to give gratitude. Veins and Arteries, which carry life-giving oxygen, remind us of our humble beginnings, and of the role our mothers play in the cycle of life. Dhrishti (Nazar) man-made elements to ward off all negativity from our lives and our loved ones- Universus, a collection inspired by one world, one us.


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Embrace Sacred Protectors, Wear ENERGY! 💥

Introducing our captivating "Protectors" jewelry collection, a series that celebrates the divine essence of gods from various traditions. Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of these revered beings with our exquisite pendants.

Each pendant in the "Protectors" collection is meticulously handcrafted, infusing it with a sense of artistry and devotion. Our skilled artisans pour their passion into every piece, creating unique works of art that honor the timeless symbolism of these divine protectors.

Discover the versatility of this collection as each pendant can be worn as a striking centerpiece or a cherished charm, allowing you to express your faith in a contemporary and stylish manner. With adjustable chain lengths, you can find the perfect fit for your individual style and comfort.

Embrace the sacred presence of these gods and adorn yourself with a symbol of their divine protection. Explore the "Protectors" collection and find the perfect piece that resonates with your spiritual journey and personal expression.


Luxury Wallpapers from AISHR, one of a kind for your one of a kind home.


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Where timeless style meets eco-conscious charm, transforming remnants into one-of-a-kind treasures.

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They're vessels of dreams, carrying our aspirations and adventures with every step we take.


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Why say it with words when you can say it with cards.



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Transform our illustrations into your own masterpiece by adding colors using our coloring books. These books are known for their ability to promote brain activity, reduce anxiety, and offer therapeutic effects.


We take in custom illustrations work! Send us a query to know more.

Ramruki by AISHR

Ramruki, a brand from AISHR, adds a touch of artistry and tradition to the world of fashion. Embracing the fusion of modern and age-old silhouettes, Ramruki pieces are adorned with exquisite hand-done embroidery, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

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