Product Details

● Durable, Matt, non-woven paper. (150 g/m2)
● High wet and dry strength.
● Dry strippable.
● PVC free & FSC® certified.
● Manufactured using non-toxic inks.
● Flame retardant and C-s1, d0 certified according to European Standard EN 13501-1
● Installed using standard non-woven wallpaper paste.

Care & Maintenance

●Once installed and completely dry, our wallpapers are easy to maintain!
● Dry clean dust using a vacuum cleaner - the soft bristle brush tool is ideal for
this. You can also use a dry microfiber cloth.
● In case of spills, wipe off quickly using a clean, wet sponge or clean soft cloth.
Spills left over a period of time will stain.
● Water spills will just dry off. You do not have to take any action.
● If there is dust on the surface, please vacuum first before using a wet
● In Indoor conditions, not exposed to direct sunlight, expected durability is 10

Recommended Surface Preparation

● The most ideal surface for a wallpaper is a dry wall with 2 coats of putty (to
make the surface smooth) and 2 coats of oil based primer.
● For a painted wall, its recommended to scrape down the paint and add 2 coats
of oil based primer.
● Do not apply this wallpaper on laminates. Choose a self-adhesive product
● Can be applied on to Plywood, MDF and other materials that can have putty
and primer on them.

Installation Process

● The wall surface need to be free of dust, grime and must be smooth.
● We recommend a standard wallpaper adhesive for installation of wallpaper -
Bartoline powder or premixed adhesive is widely used in India.
● The installer has to follow the common procedure for wallpaper installation -
nothing special required.
● Most installers find it easy to achieve a seamless installation using our

Things to watch out for

● Wallpapers do not adhere well to moist or damp walls. Avoid installing a
wallpaper if wall is prone to moisture or any form of leakage.
● In new projects, allow the wall to dry for 12/15 days after putty/primer for
best results.
● Avoid installation in areas that are prone to constant abrasion. This will
damage the wallpaper.
● Plan your wallpaper with the setting of the room in mind. Furniture can hide
large parts of your walls.
● Measure the walls accurately and add half inch on all sides as a buffer.