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Colouring Book for Adults : Edition 1

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What is this colouring book about :
This colouring book has 35 colouring pages. There are 5 different sections within the book itself, that allows the person to choose what kind of artwork they would like to work on according to their current mood. 5 different sections differ from each other in terms of their style, complexity and the number of details that has gone into the artwork.
Out of the 5 different sections, 3 sections have complicated time-consuming colouring pages and 2 sections have quick colouring pages.
Inspiration for these sections
This book is divided into 5 different sections namely - Horn ok Please - Inspired by the truck art of India, Seaside creatures - Inspired by Sea Animals, Whimsical dreams - Inspired by whimsical art mixed with lines as a solo art, Mandalas - inspired by Mandala art and Detailed Patterns - Inspired by Vintage art in the form of repeat patterns within
the artwork itself.
Size of the book : 14 Inches x 14 Inches and 9.5 Inches x 9.5 Inches
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These images are images of the pages inside.
Suitable mediums for use : Watercolours & Colour Pencils.