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Order today " Gemini" is an exclusive Aishr print

  • High quality fine art print.
  • Printed on 8in x 8in artboard.
  • Large Size : Printed on organic muslin -  (approx 4ft x 4ft).
  • Comes without the frame.

Dear Gemini, tapestry of opportunities in love, career, and fortune. Embrace your communicative prowess, adaptability, and intellectual curiosity as you navigate the cosmic energies. Engage in open and honest connections, pursue diverse professional paths, and make mindful financial decisions. May this year be filled with transformative experiences, abundant growth, and the realization of your aspirations.

The Gemini zodiac sign spans from May 21st to June 20th. Therefore, the Gemini period falls within this timeframe, encompassing late May and most of June. During this period, the Sun transits through the zodiac sign of Gemini, influencing those born under its energy with their unique qualities and characteristics.

(Colours on the fabric may slightly appear duller since the image here is hi-res web resolution and the print will be on a fabric medium with cmyk colour resolution. Request you to please check the returns and refund policies before placing your order with us.)

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